A50 Audio System

Tactical Sophistication

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A50 Headset System

Industrial Design

Astro Gaming

For more than a decade, Astro Gaming has been a driving force in the professional-grade audio space. Helping to pioneer audio systems for tournament gamers, the A40 became an icon of the industry and one of the most identifiable products in the gaming peripheral space. Huge Design was called on to help develop the predecessor flagship system, the A50 headset and base station.


  • Red Dot Award


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A50 Headset + Base Station

Gamer-considered UX

The A50 Audio System consists of a wireless headset and accompanying base station. The headset features full audio control, including power, volume and a fill-to-mute boom. The base station provides system connectivity and game/voice mixing as well as a charging cradle for the main device. Many UX architectures were developed and tested to deliver the most seamless gamer experience, from when it is removed from the dock to in-game play and post-game charging. The A50 enables full communication control in a tight, intuitive package.

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The aesthetic goal of the A50 headset was to retain the heritage silhouette of past Astro Gaming headsets while modernizing the overall look and feel. Huge Design achieved this by tightening up the lines and sculpting the surfaces. The result is a combination of pure geometric form with comfortable organic surfacing. A tone-on-tone matte-black finish is accented by functional technical graphics.



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