From Concept to Design Language

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Project C-1234

Zero SR-X

Design language

Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles has been the world leader in electric motorcycle manufacturing since its founding in Northern California in 2006. Over the years, its internal design team has contracted with Huge Design, seeking a distinct product designer point of view to differentiate its smart zero-emission vehicles from the sea of traditional gas-powered bikes. Multiple concept bike collaborations over four years led to an ownable design language for its future line-up of motorcycles.


  • One Moto Show

    [concept bike,2019]

  • Petersen Museum Exhibit

    [Electric Revolution,2021]

  • IDEA Award (tbd)

    [Transportation ,2023]

Bike Alt

Disciplined Design

Dynamic and cohesive.

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Our first concept bike collaboration that led to the production ZERO FXE

ZERO SM COllaboration

Prior to the most recent SR-X collaboration, Huge Design worked closely with Zero on a concept bike based on their popular FX chassis. This radical concept, and the overwhelming public response to it, paved the way for the development of the Zero design language and future collaborations with the Huge Design team.



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Two years after the original concept was developed, the 2022 Zero FXE was born, a production version of the custom SM bike collaboration.

production ready

As soon as the Zero SM concept bike was revealed at the 2019 One Moto Show, it started popping up everywhere on social media. The overwhelming response to the concept and design language soon prompted the upper management at Zero to begin developing the production version, the 2022 FXE.


Lacie + Seagate Drives

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Lacie + Seagate Drives
Lacie + Seagate Drives