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NZXT takes pride in a minimalist approach to professional-grade PC gaming hardware. Its design ethos features a stark, clean design juxtaposed with a quirky celebration of PC technology and gamer upgrades. Huge Design was tasked with translating this design philosophy into a new category of product for the NZXT brand of premium audio peripherals.


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Headset, mix amp and stand.

Command and Control

Huge Design worked closely with NZXT to ensure a frictionless UX for its flagship audio solution. The connected headset stand offers automatic audio source switching between the headset and mix amp and can easily adapt to a variety of gamer scenarios and setups.

Mix it up

NZXT design language a confident mash-up of stark white and bold black

wall hanging

The NZXT design philosophy is on full display in the execution of the mysterious and functionally bold mix amp. LED volume indicators magically appear as you increase the volume. The oversized dial and block slider are paired with robust, smooth mechanicals for confident blind control.

mix- am

Gaming headset.

Gaming mix amp.



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