Jibo Robot

Pint-Sized Companion

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Project C-1234

Jibo 2

Design strategy


The concept of humans connecting emotionally with robots was conceived and studied by Cynthia Breazeal, an MIT professor of robotics, with a vision for creating the world’s first social robot assistant. In 2014, the startup she founded traveled to San Francisco to find a design team to help realize her vision, marking the beginning of its relationship with Huge Design.

Jibo child
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Communicating with Jibo involves a combination of conversational voice and touch interactions.

Tabletop intelligence

Jibo is the first-ever highly capable social robot for the home. This intelligent desktop companion emotionally connects with users through its sophisticated voice interaction, animated UI face and physical movement of human-like poses and expressiveness.

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The design for Jibo was an exercise in human form abstraction. The seamless design approach discretely divided the head and body into motor-controlled tilted-axis rotational sections. This configuration allows Jibo to appear clean and non-mechanical while enabling virtually silent movement. The angled movement creates the illusion that Jibo is dancing, able to snap into a variety of thoughtful poses with precision and sophistication.

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The final product was an exercise in human abstraction through the composition of pure geometry.

Its dynamic movement and seamless poses create its high-energy personality.