Intel Storage Design Language

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Intel Design Language

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In 2017, Intel’s NSG group had been hard at work developing cutting-edge storage technologies that would disrupt the commercial computing industry. Smaller, faster SSD storage was poised to revolutionize data centers and replace existing hard-drive technology. Huge Design partnered with the Intel Experience Design Team to define a vision for these breakthrough B2B solutions and unify them through premium branding and design.


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    [Consumer Electronics,2019]

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Rack it

32 NAND solid-state rulers are integrated into a traditional 1U server rack bay along with necessary cooling and circuitry. Huge Design focused its effort on the overall UX, visual organization and functional beauty of this groundbreaking new system.

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Our branding and functional design efforts extended to several NSG products.

A unified design and branding story integrates NSG products with the greater Intel branding and design initiative by Intel’s Experience Design Team.



A50 Audio System

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A50 Audio System
A50 Audio System